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Pake Light conditions
11:36 uur
Hier maar even regels (neuken). ;-P

Characters need a way to see in the dark, dangerous places where
they often find adventures. Dwarves and half-orcs have darkvision,
but everyone else needs light to see by. Typically, adventurers bring
along torches or lanterns, and spellcasters have spells that can create
light. See Table 9–7: Light Sources and Illumination for the radius
that a light source illuminates and how long it lasts.
In an area of bright light, all characters can see clearly. A creature
can’t hide in an area of bright light unless it is invisible or has cover.
In an area of shadowy illumination, a character can see dimly.
Creatures within this area have concealment (see page 152) relative
to that character. A creature in an area of shadowy illumination can
make a Hide check to conceal itself (see page 76).
In areas of darkness, creatures without darkvision are effectively
blinded. In addition to the obvious effects, a blinded creature has a
50% miss chance in combat (all opponents have total concealment), loses any Dexterity bonus to AC, takes
a –2 penalty to AC, moves at half
speed, and takes a –4 penalty on
Search checks and most Strength and
Dexterity-based skill checks.
Characters with low-light vision
(elves, gnomes, and half-elves) can see
objects twice as far away as the given
radius. Double the effective radius of
bright light and of shadowy illumination
for such characters. For
example, a torch provides bright
illumination to a radius of 40 feet
(rather than 20 feet) for a character
with low-light vision, and it
provides shadowy illumination to a
radius of 80 feet (rather than 40
Characters with darkvision
(dwarves and half-orcs) can see lit
areas normally as well as dark areas
within 60 feet. A creature can’t hide
within 60 feet of a character with
darkvision unless it is invisible or has

Dit lijstje bij je voor normal vision:
Object Bright Shadowy Duration
Candle 0/5 ft.
Everburning torch 20/40
Lamp, common 15/30
Lantern, bullseye 60cone/120cone
Lantern, hooded 30/60
Sunrod 30/60
Torch 20/40
Continual flame 20/40
Dancing lights (torches) 20/40 (each)
Daylight 60/120
Light 20/40

Dit lijstje bij je voor lowlight-vision:
Object Bright Shadowy Duration
Candle 0/10 ft.
Everburning torch 40/80
Lamp, common 30/60
Lantern, bullseye 120cone/240cone
Lantern, hooded 60/120
Sunrod 60/120
Torch 40/80
Continual flame 40/80
Dancing lights (torches) 40/80 (each)
Daylight 120/240
Light 40/80

Darkness, brengt de light condities 1 naar beneden:
Bright -> Shadowy
Shadowy -> Darkness
Darkness -> Magical dark

Deeper darkness doet dit met 2 stappen:
Bright -> Darkness
Shadowy -> Magical dark
Darkness -> Magical dark

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