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Jeff Leuk stukje - "What is a Healing Surge?"
9:51 uur
It depends on the character, and the situation.

I can see a cleric, bloodied and down on one knee, heaving for breath as he leans heavily on his hammer, suddenly raising his head and crying out, "PELOR GIVE ME STRENGTH!", then lifting himself off the ground and swinging his hammer upward at the enemy's jaw.

I could also see an elven ranger popping a root or leaf into his mouth, chewing once, then spitting it out with a mouthful of blood before he raises his bow and draws back to his cheek, lining up his next shot. He knows nature better than anyone, and he knows that chewing on particular roots can do wonders for killing pain.

And I could see someone asking the eladrin wizard after the fight how she kept standing, only to be bored with a long explanation about how the wounds looked more serious than they were because while shallow cuts to the head tend to bleed, the injuries are, in fact, not as severe as they would seem, let alone the blood loss, so it was merely a matter of her regathering her wits and recognizing the insignificance of the injury before she got back to flinging arcane death at her enemies.

And then I could see a plucky little halfling, barely clinging to life, his hand clutching a bleeding shoulder futiley as the enemy advances, only to spring forward and drive a killing blow home as he yells, "Gotchya!", as he'd been feigning the injury the entire time.

Or there's always the simple fighter who gets back up when he should be down because he's a big damn hero, and big damn heroes don't die that easy. He's tough. He can take it.

WotC did right with this one: it's open to interpretation, and I can use a different one every time, so I'll always be able to use one that'll fit that particular encounter best.

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