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Timeline voor Way of the WickedTimeline voor Way of the Wicked

Way of the Wicked Campaign Timeline

Book One: Knot of Thorns

PCs are level one

Erastus 24, Year 16 in the reign of King Markadian V called the Brave (Day Zero): The PCs are brought in chains to Branderscar Prison. They have no realistic hope of escape and in three days will face just punishment for a crime they did commit.

Erastus 25 - Erastus 27 (Days 1-3): The PCs receive a beautiful and unexpected visitor, Tiadora, who delivers them a magical veil that gives them a chance at escape. Over the next three days the PCs escape from Branderscar Prison and make their way to Thorn’s manor house on the Old Moor Road.

PCs are Level Two

Erastus 28 (Day 4): The PCs meet Adrastus Thorn and sign the Pact of Thorns. Thus they are inducted into the Knot of Thorns, Adrastus’ conspiracy to destroy Talingarde.

Erastus 29-31 (Days 5-7): The PCs are given a three-day respite to heal, receive equipment and prepare for Thorn’s cruel training. Arodus 1 (Day 8): The PCs are sent into the Nine Lessons. There they face many dangers designed to prepare them for the challenges ahead. Their crucible culminates with facing Sir Balin, a famed witch hunter and Knight of the Alerion.

Arodus 2 - Lamashan 30 (Days 9-98): Three months of training are received directly from their enigmatic master Adrastus Thorn. The Knot is trained and equipped and is then ready to be sent sent on their first true mission in service of the Nine Knots.

PCs are Level Three
Lamashan 31 (Day 99): The feast and infernal ritual wherein the Nessian Knot is forged. Neth 1 (Day 100): The PCs receive their orders to begin a war by arming bugbears and breaking the Watchwall. They board the Frosthamar. By the end of the day, they have sailed down river and out into the open ocean.

Neth 2-8 (Days 101-107): The Frosthamar sails uneventfully along the civilized eastern coast.

Neth 9 (Day 108): The Frosthamar encounters The Blade of St. Martius, a Talirean patrol vessel, on the edge of civilized waters.

Neth 10-16 (Days 109-115): The Frosthamar passes beyond the civilized coast of Talingarde into the Savage North. The ship encounters several dangers and encounters along the way. This journey Desnus include a stop for hunting at Seal Isle if the Frosthamar’s greedy captain has his way.

Neth 17 (Day 116): The Frosthamar enters the River Taiga, pushing past iceflows into the wild waters beyond.

Neth 18 (Day 117): Sailing south through the River Taiga. The PCs get their first real look at the Savage North of Talingarde.

Neth 19 (Day 118): The PCs arrive at Sakkarot Fire-Axe’s camp. They deliver the cargo of the Frosthamar, supplying the bugbear army with steel weaponry and are honored with a feast thrown by the Fire-Axe. At an audience after the feast, they learn much of Sakkarot’s true character.

PCs are Level Four

Neth 20 - Kuthona 19 (Days 119-129): The PCs have a month to infiltrate the township of Aldencross and, from there, destroy the watchtower Balentyne. During this difficult and dangerous month the PCs must accomplish - with only themselves and what resources they can cobble together - what hasn’t been accomplished by centuries of bugbear, ogre and giant raids. They must break the Watch Wall.

PCs are Level Five

In less than two weeks (!), the watchtower is broken and Sakkarot Fire-Axe’s horde has invaded Talingarde. The war is begun. In the course of doing so, the PCs murder its commander Lord Thomas Havenlyn.

PCs are Level Six

Book Two: Call Forth Darkness

Kuthona 01 - Kuthona 11 (Days 129-139): Tiadora retrieves the Knot from the wreckage of Balentyne and places them upon a river raft, The Halystyn’s Folly, headed to Farholde. Tiadora spends the trip burning local villages and tormenting villagers in the name of helping along Thorn’s plan. In truth, this is more just her venting her personal sadism.

Kuthona 12 (Day 140): Thorn appears aboard the Folly and delivers to the PCs their next mission – bring him the Tears of Achlys.

Kuthona 13 (Day 141): The PCs arrive in Farholde. Abadius 2 (Day 162): The PCs have dinner with the Baron Arkov Vandermir at his manor in the Calliver Green district of Farholde.

Kuthona 15 (Day 143): The Seventh Knot arrives in Farholde. They ally with the PCs.

Kuthona 16 - 22 (Days 144-150): During this week (or so) the PCs explore Farholde and find the Horn of Abaddon. Exploring the Horn, they discover the ritual to break the Seal and take over management of the Horn of Abaddon

PCs Are Level Seven

Kuthona 22 – Erastus 31(Days 151-373): The PCs hold the Horn of Abaddon for 222 days and conduct the ritual to call forth Vetra-Kali. Major events during that period include:

Kuthona 22 (Day 151): The First Prayer in the Dirge. The Horn alights with green flame showing everyone in Farholde the location of this once hidden ruin.

Kuthona 29 (Day 158): Zadaria’s warning about Hallack’s Crew arrives. Over the next week, the PCs must deal with their first visitors.

Calistril 2, Year 17 in the Reign of King Markadian V called the Brave (Day 194): The Baron Vandermir’s 105th birthday party, held at his mansion in Farholde.

Calistril 15 (Day 198): News reaches Farholde that the army they sent to aid in the war has been wiped out at Upandshire.

Pharast 1 (Day 202): Argossarian the silver dragon is seen flying over Farholde.

Gozran 13 (Day 208): Inquisitor Mathias Harkon and his followers attack the Horn.

Gozran 13 (Day 262): The Second Prayer. The ritual is halfway to completion.

Gozran 21 (Day 270): A gang war breaks out in Farholde.

Gozran 28 - Desnus 3 (Days 277-283): Elise Zadaria of the Seventh Knot fully betrays the PCs and sends the Banner Verdant as her cat’s paws against them. The PCs discover her treachery and have an opportunity to destroy the Seventh Knot, eliminating a hated rival.

Desnus 19 (Day 299): A crime wave grips Farholde. During the chaos, a wealthy merchant, Lady Marsten, hires the PCs to accomplish her own murderous goals. (Several assassinations.)

Desnus 26 (Day 306): Argossarian attacks the manor house of Baron Arkov Vandermir, perhaps slaying him. Sarenith 22 (Day 333): A fair comes to Farholde.

Sarenith 9 (Day 320): Sir Valin Darian and his knights attack the Horn of Abaddon.

PCs Are Level Nine

Erastus 27 – Erastus 31 (Days 369-373): The final five days of defending the Horn the Abaddon. Earthquakes strike. Allies betray them. Argossarian the silver dragon attacks the Horn. And finally they get to battle Sir Richard Havelyn, son of Lord Thomas. In the end, they break the seal and call forth Vetra-Kali. From the daemon prince they receive the Tears of Achlys, the object of their quest.

PCs are Level Ten


Book Three: Tears of the Blessed

Arodus 1 – Erastus 30 (Days 374-403): The PCs leave Farholde and travel to Ghastenhall likely by ship. Of course, if the PCs use some other method of travel, this journey may be shorter. This journey is uneventful.

Erastus 31 (Day 404): Meeting with Barnabus Thrane in Ghastenhall and delivering to him the Tears of Achlys.

Rova 1 – Rova 30 (Days 405-434): A month at leisure in Ghastenhall. Lamashan 21 (Day 455): Tiadora appears once more to summon them to an audience with the Fire-Axe in the conquered Westkirk Castle.

Lamashan 1 - Kuthona 18 (Days 436-515): The PCs build their army as they best see fit and march it to the Vale of Valtaerna. They must deal with the Watchtower of Saintsbridge or face getting bogged down there in the battle to come.

Kuthona 19 (Day 496): The Battle of Saintsbridge is fought wherein the PCs sweep away the defenders who protect the Vale of Valtaerna.

The PCs are Level Eleven

Kuthona 20 – Pharast 19, Year 18 in the Reign of King Markadian V called the Brave (Day 513): The PCs must hold the Vale of Valtaerna for a whole winter. During that time they must defeat the Vale’s many guardians and sack the Cathedral of Mitra Made Manifest. They will face Ara Mathra and try to extinguish the three flames of the Order of St. Macarius. This will break the back of that holy order and make Talingarde all the more ready to be delivered into the hands of evil.
Events include:

Abadius 1, Year 18 in the reign of King Markadian V: (New Year’s Day) The PCs scale the northern mountain and discover a group planning to escape the Vale. This includes the master archer Sir Giles of Tell and the charlatan “Lord Roderick”. None survive.

Abadius 5: The PCs scale the Mount of the Phoenix…

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