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Meer verdiend, en een nieuwe slaafMeer verdiend, en een nieuwe slaafGespeeld bij/in Leeuwarden op 8 jan 2020

Minor Items

Zo goed als alle minor items zijn beschikbaar. De meest interessant zijn:

[4,655 gp] burglar's buckler
This unassuming +1 buckler has an array of small tools and implements embedded into the backside of its rim, able to be folded and snapped out for use at a moment’s notice to attack, defend, or accomplish roguish tasks. A burglar’s buckler grants the wielder a +2 competence bonus on Disable Device and Sleight of Hand checks.

Once per day on command, the wielder may transform a burglar’s buckler into any mundane tool weighing 1 to 5 pounds, such as a crowbar, hammer, saw, small shovel, grappling hook, artisan’s tools, or thieves’ tools. The burglar’s buckler retains its normal hardness and hit points in this form and can be converted back into shield form on command.

[3,500 gp] stalker's mask

Preserved sections harvested from several different human faces cover this mask.

When worn, the mask desaturates the wearer’s color, making him appear shadowy and granting a +5 competence bonus on Stealth checks. Once per day as a full-round action, the wearer can cause the mask’s features to take on the appearance of any creature of the wearer’s basic size and shape within 60 feet that he observes, allowing the wearer to adopt that creature’s appearance for 1 hour. This grants him a +10 bonus on Disguise checks made to appear as the creature. The mask also grants the wearer a +1 bonus on attack rolls and weapon damage rolls made against the creature he is disguised as, as the mask builds upon the wearer’s rage and jealousy of the target’s appearance.

[5,000 gp] bag of holding (type ii)
[5,850 gp] necklace of fireballs (type v)
[2,500 gp] ring of sustenance
[750 gp] wand of identify (CL 1)

Medium Items

De volgende medium items zijn beschikbaar in Matheryn of bij de Mercane. Ook zijn alle potions en scrolls t/m 4e level spreuken.

[15,300 gp] pearl of the sirines
[16,155 gp] +3 fortification (light) padded armor
[27,500 gp] tome of clear thought (+1)
[5,000 gp] immovable rod
[4,500 gp] wand of inflict moderate wounds (CL 3)
[4,500 gp] wand of acid arrow (CL 3)
[9,157 gp] +1 arrow deflection heavy wooden shield
[27,000 gp] bodywrap of mighty strikes (+3)
[21,000 gp] rainbow lenses

These lenses interfere with the wearer’s ability to see color, and everything appears in shades of black and white, as if the wearer were using darkvision. Once per day the wearer can use color spray, hypnotic pattern, and rainbow pattern.

[18,300 gp] +2 bane [constructs] mace [gives red light, shower of sparks on a crit]
[20,000 gp] portable hole
[19,000 gp] rod of the viper
[22,310 gp] sword of subtlety

(A +1 short sword with a thin, dull gray blade, this weapon provides a +4 bonus on its wielder’s attack and damage rolls when she makes a sneak attack with it.)

[19,000 gp] rod of the viper
[20,000 gp] ring of invisibility
[18,315 gp] +3 trident†

Shroud of the Daywalker

Aura moderate necromancy; CL 9th

Slot none; Price 18,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.


This funeral shroud at first glance appears to be made of the finest silk no doubt in some dark color such as black, burgundy or deepest blue. However upon closer inspection, it reeks of death and corruption.

When worn by the living, this shroud makes the wearer seem to be undead. Nonintelligent undead cannot detect the wearer as if cloaked by hide from undead. Even intelligent undead may fail to notice you unless they succeed at a DC 11 Will save.

When worn by a vampire, however, this shroud has a very different effect. The darkness woven into the cloak shrouds the vampire and allows them to move about during the day. Instead of taking damage from sunlight, they are only dazzled in areas of bright sunlight or within the radius of a daylight spell.

This magic item does not free a vampire from its need to sleep however. A vampire who spends hours awake during the day must make up those hours by sleeping in their coffing at night.

Regardless whether living or dead, once per day, as standard action, the wearer may call forth the darkness within the shroud to make them invisible for up to nine minutes.

Major Items

De volgende major items zijn beschikbaar in Matheryn of bij de Mercane.

[35,000 gp] rod of metamagic, quicken (lesser)
[30,000 gp] rod of splendour
[51,500 gp] staff of illumination
[98,350 gp] +5 anarchic greatsword [no light or external clues]
[19,000 gp] rod of withering
[12,000 gp] rod of wonder
[65,000 gp] staff of abjuration
[73,000 gp] rod of metamagic, empower (greater)
[170,500 gp] staff of passage
[54,000 gp] rod of metamagic, maximize (normal)†

The Onyx Chalice

Aura strong necromancy; CL 12th

Slot none; Price 30,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.


This chalice made of pure black onyx almost shines with unholy energy and necromantic power. When an Onyx chalice is used it takes only sixty days to create a lich’s phylactery instead of one hundred and twenty. The chalice must be present for the entire process. When it is finished, the chalice’s utility is not over.

At the very end of the phylactery creation process, the creator can choose whether to bind the chalice into the creation or not. If not, the chalice is of no further use. However, if bound, then the chalice becomes a powerful focus for necromantic magic.

Any necromancy spell cast while the wielder holds it will be one caster level higher than normal.

However, the chalice is now part of the caster and the phylactery.

The chalice counts as part of the caster’s body for the purposes of scrying and as part of the phylactery for locating it.

Einar Troll-Biter Tuning 15.950
Hai'A Eric 17.000
LicÍre Nefarios Tuning 17.000
Onyx Opa 17.000
Rizzen Vrinn Johan 17.000
Rook Jacco 17.000
Plaats de muis boven het om detail informatie te zien.

Gepost door Jeff op 8 januari 2020 om 22:50 uur.
Reacties van bezoekers (33 reacties)

Hij moet maar niet denken dat ie meedeelt in de loot.

Gepost op 10 januari 2020 om 10:13.
OnyxOnyx (Opa)

Hij krijgt af en toe wel een slachtoffer van onze bloodlust

Gepost op 11 januari 2020 om 20:48.

List of items hierboven :-)

Gepost op 20 januari 2020 om 21:58.
OnyxOnyx (Opa)

Ik denk dat Licere  The Onyx Chalice wel wel hebben. Al zou ik hem al bijna kopen om de naam whistle

Gepost op 20 januari 2020 om 22:45.
Rizzen VrinnRizzen Vrinn (Johan)

De Portable hole is wel leuk, maar we hebben ook zoiets gevonden. 
Wat is dat precies? 
Uit de dragon loot: "a magical bag that opened into a space the size of a large room"

Gepost op 21 januari 2020 om 11:46.

Hai'a koopt eigenlijk alleen minors: Rags of restraint, bag of holding 2, dragon mask.

Gepost op 21 januari 2020 om 19:14.
Hai'AHai'A (Eric)

Als iemand nog wat leuks wil en geld tekort komt, je kan een voordelige lening krijgen bij mij.

Gepost op 21 januari 2020 om 19:19.
Hai'AHai'A (Eric)

Ik bestel nog wel een headband of WIS+6, 36 dagen? Houden we zo lang pauze?

Gepost op 21 januari 2020 om 19:23.
Hai'AHai'A (Eric)

Kan ook mijn huidige upgraden naar +6, dan 20 dagen wachten...

Gepost op 21 januari 2020 om 19:24.
Holy DMHoly DM (Jeff)

Upgraden is prima, 20 dagen niks doen? 

Gepost op 21 januari 2020 om 22:45.
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