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7.1It begins
7.2Week 1 & 2
7.3Week 3 - 5
7.4Op het strand 1
7.5Op het strand 2
7.6Avenge me!
7.8Enge boom
7.9Twee feestjes
7.10Tempel bestormen I
7.11Tempel bestormen II
7.12Tempel bestormen III
7.13Tempel bestormen IV
7.14Dungeon of DOOM
7.15Dungeon of ROOM
  Mercane's Aanbo
7.18Broken Banner
7.20Er wordt geklopt
7.22Week finals
7.23Drukke dag
7.24Meer bezoekers
7.25Goeiemorgen draak!
7.26Laatste bezoekers
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Wat hij op dit moment te koop heeft.Wat hij op dit moment te koop heeft.

Bericht van de Mercane, via de Baron.

Hij neemt weer een bestelling van elk persoon in behandeling, en heeft ook een aantal items in de aanbod:

[8,315 gp] +2 scimitar [sheds light]
[8,320 gp] +1 small throwing rapier [holding gives the urge to throw it at people in the area]
[8,350 gp] +2 heavy crossbow [no light ]
[8,312 gp] +1 flaming mattock [sheds light]
[8,302 gp] +1 defending dagger [no light ]
[8,310 gp] +1 shock shortsword [Small or Medium, clear blade with sparks inside]
[8,301 gp] +1 defending whip [no light ]
[8,302 gp] +2 spear [sheds light]
[8,305 gp] +2 light mace [Sizes SML, engraved with three mountains]
[8,300 gp] +2 sling [Sizes SML, rainbow coloured leather]
[9,159 gp] +2 wyrmsbreath light steel shield (cold) [Sizes SML,

In the form of a dragon's mouth. For every 5 points of cold damage taken the shield gains 1 charge. On command (standard action), the bearer can expend 1 to 5 charges from the shield to have it create a breath weapon in a 15 foot cone dealing 1d4 points of fire damage per charge expended (Reflex DC 11 half). A shield can store up to 5 charges at a time, and stored charges expire harmlessly after 24 hours.]

[10,000 gp] frost fist amulet [Shaped like an iron fist.

On command the bearer's hands change into ice-cold iron fists. The wearer is protected from this cold, but natural attacks gain the frost property and count as cold iron. The hands are rigid during the transformation and cannot manipulate anything (except as a frost club!). The change can be ended as a swift action.]

[16,302 gp] +2 small defending dagger [no light ]

[8,700 gp] Scholar's Ring [zilveren ring met drie parels, die gloeien wanneer de drager iets leest.

Gives constant comprehend languages, +5 op Knowledge (history) checks en 1/week legend lore over een onderwerp waar de ring heeft geholpen bij een History check in de afgelopen week.]

[16,000 gp] headband of inspired wisdom (+4) [bronze with green etchings ]
[21,000 gp] wand of charm monster (CL 7)
[20,000 gp] amulet of mighty fists (+2)
[25,000 gp] ring of x-ray vision [tiger ruby in eye setting, eye opens when using ring]
[28,500 gp] ring of the Ecclesiarch [ornate silver ring with a golden seal that changes to the form of a holy symbol after 24 hours

The ring can be used to seal parchments or to mark any surface as the arcane mark spell at will. The wearer is marked as a scholarly leader of the faith and gains a +5 competence bonus on Diplomacy and Knowledge (religion) checks. If the wearer has the Leadership feat, she may attract double the normal number of followers, and her followers’ zealous devotion grants them a +4 morale bonus on Will saves against enchantment spells and effects.

Once per day, the wearer of the ring can use prayer and enter image (link), often using the latter power to speak and observe through portraits, statues, and even minted coinage bearing their likeness.]

[32,375 gp] +3 shock longbow [no light ]
[18,900 gp] vambraces of the genie (shaitan) [adamantine bracers give constant endure elements for the wearer. Allow the wearer to use glitterdust, meld into stone, and stone shape each once per day.]
[16,000 gp] bracers of armor (+4)
[19,000 gp] rod of the viper [strikes as +2 heavy mace, can change mace head intosnake head and poison those it hits.]
[25,000 gp] eyes of doom
[11,250 gp] wand of searing light (CL 5)
[11,250 gp] wand of bestow curse (CL 5)

[31,900 gp] staff of electricity [This staff is made of shining silver, with a tip shaped like a lightning bolt. The staff allows use of the following spells:

Shocking grasp (1 charge)
Lightning bolt (2 charges)
Chain lightning (3 charges)

[29,600 gp] lawful staff [This staff is crafted from a perfectly smooth triangular rod of silver, and its top is crowned with a golden sphere. The staff allows use of the following spells:

Align weapon (lawful only, 1 charge)
Detect chaos (1 charge)
Magic circle against chaos (2 charges)
Order’s wrath (2 charges)

[47,200 gp] staff of cackling wrath [The thorns embedded in this gnarled length of wood make it rather tricky for the unwary to grasp. It allows use of the following spells:

Blindness/deafness (1 charge)
Charm person (1 charge)
Hold person (1 charge)
Inflict moderate wounds (1 charge)
Baleful polymorph (2 charges)
Bestow curse (2 charges)
Vampiric touch (2 charges)]

Gepost door Jeff op 29 december 2016 om 22:31 uur.
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