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Assault done, mission accomplished!Assault done, mission accomplished!Gespeeld bij/in Leeuwarden op 30 sep 2015

Stukje verhaal - had het eerst in het Engels toevallig ;)

The party hole up in the Armory for a few moments, healing up, and then the night turns to day when a dozen sunrods land in the courtyard. The still-active darkness spell in front of the chapel looms ominously up in the middle of them, an inky hemisphere... until it winks out. Dispelled by the invisible wizard!

Onyx peeks around the door and sees a fireball racing towards them. He ducks back, but unfortunately the fireball destroys the door and continues to burn the sheltering party! Magister Tacitus , now visible, disappears around the corner of the keep.

Bar doesn't fancy another fireball, so he races down the stairs, aiming to come back up via the kitchen lift. Hai'A, Rook and Onyx follow while Licère keeps Tacitus busy. First he tags him with contagion via a spectral hand (mindfire! Int damage!) and then he summons some skeletons. A fireball takes out the skeletons and hurts Licère. His retaliation is a spectral hand with vampiric touch - right through the stoneskin - ouch! As the rest of the party near the kitchen, the duel continues - ghoul touch on Tacitus - but he saves! His return fireball burns an empty armory - Licère had already scarpered down the stairs!

It's round about now the party realize they'd destroyed the lift a few days before, to delay Havelyn and Donnagin. Whoooops!

Luckily, Hai'A has a magic rope of climbing, and the group are soon in the keep. The keep is empty and stinks of smoke. All the burned tapestries and chairs have been stacked at the walls (courtesy of much alchemists fire a few days before). Tacitus uses a scroll of invisibility and searches the armory for scorched PC skeletons. He is disappointed and heads towards the keep, where he sees the fastest members of the party (Bar & Hai'A) standing in front of the throne. Fireball! Ouch!

Cue another realization - Bar still has the stone with a silence spell on it. It was in his mouth! Bar promptly charges Tacitus, closely followed by Hai'A, and they race outside, flanking him in an instant. He puts his wand in a cloak pocket and puts his hands up.

Onyx scampers up the rope and heads into the keep, closely followed by Rook in his black, spiky plate armour. Natural 20 on the climb check! As soon as the Asmodean priest sees Tacitus trying to surrendering he draws his thumb across his throat in the universal gesture of "take no prisoners."

Tacitus' eyes widen and he takes off as fast as he can. A half-dozen crossbow bolts from the rooftop cover his escape attempt, striking Hai'A but missing Bar. It's not enough, and while Hai'A holds his feet, Bar rams a greatsword through Tacitus' back. It's a critical. (Because of course it is.) Fifty points of damage and Tacitus is spitted like a pig. Bar throws him over his shoulder, still spitted, and goes back into the keep. From above comes a barely audible "**** this!" and several crossbows land on the ground.

Inside the keep, Tacitus is shaken loose and looted mercilessly. The remaining soldiers upstairs are mopped up soon after and Balentyne is in the hands of the Enemy. In their true forms they cross the bridge, open the doors, drop the drawbridge and wander up to meet the Fire-Axe and his army. As an afterthought they launch the fire-arrow, and when the advance party arrives they gesture towards the open doors. "Move along, nothing to see here..."

Ook werd er grondig ge-loot in het kasteel. Bij Lord Havelyn zijn kamer werd een familiebijbel gevonden - heel mooi, maar (interessanter) met een stamboom van zijn familie op de voorpagina. Bijna uitgeveegd onderaan is "Samuel Havelyn, Cardinal of Mitra." Rook weet ook nog dat de Fire-Axe iets zei toen hij dronken was - dat Cardinal Thorn vroeger van Mitra was. Hmmmmmmmmm.......

Nadat de bugbears aangekomen waren brak Onyx het steentje en een minuutje later verscheen Tiadora. Ze hadigde een kist met 10 platinastaven over. Ze zijn in totaal 5000gp waard! Er is ook een briefje.

“Our lord smiles upon your success. Here is a token of my esteem. Use it to rest, recover and strengthen yourselves. Other commands will come when the Knot is needed. Your work has just begun. – A.”


From a promontory, you can see the great bugbear horde camped south of the Watch Wall. Balentyne yet burns behind you.

Tiadora remarks, “I have seen no evidence of any army gathering to meet the horde. It seems Zadaria has also succeeded at her mission and has assassinated the commanders. Truly, a great achievement.

“Making matters worse for poor Talingarde, small bandsof creatures unaligned with Sakkarot approach the breach, eager to take advantage of the chaos. How could these beasts know already about this break in the Watch Wall? Someone must have told them. Probably best to leave. This region is about to become very dangerous.

“Still, this will not be enough. Balentyne may be broken but Talingarde is yet strong. Soon word will reach the south. The Heartland and the great cities of the Cambrian Bay will marshal their armies. They will meet Sakkarot on the field and it will be far too close to a fair fight. We must do something about that. 

“Come, my lords, your ship awaits. Try not to burn this one.”

Lords. She called you lords. And lords you are. Lords of death and destruction. Lords of evil. Do you remember Branderscar? Do you remember being held down and branded like animals? How far you have come and how long yet the journey before you. Tiadora is right. This is only your first steps along the way of the wicked.

Bar Bie'gon Johan 1.500
Hai'A Eric 1.500
LicÍre Nefarios Tuning 1.500
Onyx Opa 1.500
Rook Jacco 1.500
Plaats de muis boven het om detail informatie te zien.

Gepost door Tuning op 1 oktober 2015 om 7:58 uur.
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Woot nice. Level up? hypocrite

Gepost op 1 oktober 2015 om 8:48.

Nee nog niet

Gepost op 1 oktober 2015 om 9:53.

We komen in de buurt

Gepost op 1 oktober 2015 om 9:53.
Holy DMHoly DM (Jeff)


Gepost op 1 oktober 2015 om 14:40.

Toch appart dat Rook nog steeds level 4 is tongue-out

Gepost op 1 oktober 2015 om 16:04.

Tja ook een manier om te doen alsof je met xp nodig hebt


Gepost op 2 oktober 2015 om 7:46.

Ik neem aan dat we nu een nieuw hoofdstuk krijgen, dus ik laat het aanmaken van een nieuw verhaal maar even aan de DM surprised

Gepost op 15 oktober 2015 om 8:45.

Stukje verhaal had ik in het Engels :)

Gepost op 27 oktober 2015 om 22:43.

Zal morgen een nieuw hoofdstuk maken

Gepost op 27 oktober 2015 om 22:43.

Wow - 

Always liked Steelrose's work :)

Gepost op 27 oktober 2015 om 23:03.
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