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3.29Demonskar Ball
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Rules: Crater BallRules: Crater Ball

Welcome to the Crater Ball – Flood Festival

                This event takes place during days 2, 4, and 6 of the Flood Festival, and has been the focal point of the Festival for the past five years.  It is also the most prestigious event of the entire festival.  If you wish to compete you have a chance to earn a lot of money, and also earn some influence.

Day 2, First Match (Quarterfinal)

Day 4, The Second Match (Semifinal)

Day 6, The Final Match (Final)

Entrance Fee: 75 gp
Prices: 1st  600 gp + invitation to the Demonscar Ball
           2nd 300 gp
           3rd 150 gp

Crater Ball – ‘Waterpolo’


Teams: 1 Center, 2 Forwards, 2 Defenses, and 1 Goalkeeper

Possession: Both Centers roll Initiative
   - Roll d20 + Initiative + Ranks in Swim
   - Winner gets possession
   - Go to 'Attack and Defend'

Attack and Defend: Attackers and Defenders roll to determine participants
   - All players (except goalies) make Swim checks (DC 15) to participate
   - All players who succeed make a roll of d20 + Attack Bonus + Ranks in Swim
   - For every five points that the offense beats the Defense award 1 shot on goal, go to 'Shots on Goal'
   - If the defense beats the offense then possession changes, repeat 'Attack and Defend'

Shots on Goal: Determine shooter and Roll Opposed rolls
   - Roll a d6 to determine shooter if necessary (1-2, 3-4, 5-6 / 1-3, 4-6)
   - Shooter rolls a ranged attack roll (d20 + Base Attack Bonus + Dex)
   - Goalie rolls a Reflex Save vs. the result of the shooter
   - If goalie fails a goal is scored, all further shots dismissed, go to 'Possession'
   - If goalie succeeds the shot is deflected and shots continue as normal
   - If the goalie succeeds by 5 or more then the ball is caught and possession changes, all further shots
     On goal are dismissed
   - If all shots are deflected possession changes

Winning the Match: First to 7 goals wins

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