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4.1Het strand
  Can TRex jump?
4.2Eindelijk Farshore
4.3Zestig dagen
4.5De mist in
4.6Temple of Demogorgon
4.7Door de portal
4.8Timothy gevonden
4.9Master of Fogmire
4.10One of Seven
4.11Temple of the Jaguar
4.13Dieper en dieper
4.14Vervelende gastjes
4.15A walk in the park
4.16Verdedigingen bouwen
4.17Een nieuwe kennis
4.18Assault on Farshore
4.19De aanval begint
4.20Een heldin sneuvelt
4.21Aerial Combat!
4.22Een oude kennis
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Regelaanpassingen voor het vechten onderwaterRegelaanpassingen voor het vechten onderwater

Rules Adjustments Underwater

Invisibility: An invisible creature displaces water and leaves a visible, body-shaped "bubble" where the water was displaced. The creature still has concealment (20% miss chance), but not total concealment (50% miss chance).

Visibility: As a guideline, creatures can see 4d810 feet if the water is clear, and 1d810 feet if it's murky. Moving water is always murky, unless it's in a particularly large, slow-moving river.

Ranged Attacks Underwater: Thrown weapons are ineffective underwater, even when launched from land. Attacks with other ranged weapons take a -2 penalty on attack rolls for every 5 feet of water they pass through, in addition to the normal penalties for range.

Attacks from Land: Characters swimming, floating, or treading water on the surface, or wading in water at least chest deep, have improved cover (+8 bonus to AC, +4 bonus on Reflex saves) from opponents on land. Landbound opponents who have freedom of movement effects ignore this cover when making melee attacks against targets in the water. A completely submerged creature has total cover against opponents on land unless those opponents have freedom of movement effects. Magical effects are unaffected except for those that require attack rolls (which are treated like any other effects) and fire effects.

Fire: Nonmagical fire (including alchemist's fire) does not burn underwater. Spells or spell-like effects with the fire descriptor are ineffective underwater unless the caster makes a Spellcraft check (DC 20 + spell level). If the check succeeds, the spell creates a bubble of steam instead of its usual fiery effect, but otherwise the spell works as described. A supernatural fire effect is ineffective underwater unless its description states otherwise. The surface of a body of water blocks line of effect for any fire spell. If the caster has made a Spellcraft check to make the fire spell usable underwater, the surface still blocks the spell's line of effect.

Combat Adjustments Underwater

Freedom of Movement
*To hit(Slashing or Bludgeoning): normal
*To hit(Tail): normal
*Damage: normal
*Movement: normal
*Off Balance: No (#4)

Has a swim speed
*To hit(Slashing, Bludgeoning): -2
*Damage: half (grapple normal)
*Movement: normal
*Off Balance: No (#4)

Succesful swim check
*To hit(Slashing, Bludgeoning, grappling): -2 (#1)
*Damage: half (grapple normal)
*Movement: quarter or half (#2)
*Off Balance: No (#4)

Firm footing (#3)
*To hit(Slashing, Bludgeoning, grappling): -2
*Damage: half (grapple normal)
*Movement: half
*Off Balance: No (#4)

None of the above
*To hit(Slashing, Bludgeoning, grappling): -2
*Damage: half (grapple normal)
*Movement: normal
*Off Balance: Yes (#4)

#1. A creature without a freedom of movement effects or a swim speed makes grapple checks underwater at a -2 penalty, but deals damage normally when grappling.
#2. A successful Swim check lets a creature move one-quarter its speed as a move action or one-half its speed as a full-round action.
#3. Creatures have firm footing when walking along the bottom, braced against a ship's hull, or the like. A creature can only walk along the bottom if it wears or carries enough gear to weigh itself down-at least 16 pounds for Medium creatures, twice that for each size category larger than Medium, and half that for each size category smaller than Medium.
#4. Creatures flailing about in the water (usually because they failed their Swim checks) have a hard time fighting effectively. An off-balance creature loses its Dexterity bonus to Armor Class, and opponents gain a +2 bonus on attacks against it.

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