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4.1Het strand
  Can TRex jump?
4.2Eindelijk Farshore
4.3Zestig dagen
4.5De mist in
4.6Temple of Demogorgon
4.7Door de portal
4.8Timothy gevonden
4.9Master of Fogmire
4.10One of Seven
4.11Temple of the Jaguar
4.13Dieper en dieper
4.14Vervelende gastjes
4.15A walk in the park
4.16Verdedigingen bouwen
4.17Een nieuwe kennis
4.18Assault on Farshore
4.19De aanval begint
4.20Een heldin sneuvelt
4.21Aerial Combat!
4.22Een oude kennis
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Gift from the GodsGift from the GodsGespeeld bij/in St. Anna op 3 jun 2009

Scroll with following arcane spells:

  • Spell Compendium Wall of smoke 1, Combust 2, Junglerazer 3, Death throes 5, Earth reaver 5

  • PHB2 Energy vulnerability 3, Detonate 9

  • Complete Mage Shape of the hellspawned stalker 3, Deadly lahar 8

  • PHB Shatter 2, Crushing despair 4, Disintegrate 6, Incendiary cloud 8

  • Misc Raise volcano 9 (

Horn of Blasting

Wand of Dispel Magic (cl 10th, 50 charges)

Vest of Resistance +4

Mithral Breastplate +4

Pearl of Power (4th level spell)

Greater Bracers of Archery

Circlet of the Dispassionate Advisor - Headband of Intellect +4, +4 Knowledge(nobility), if wearer knowingly lies then the circlet goes black and ceases to function for 24 hours

Ring of Invisibility

Ring of Arcane Might (Made of bronze, in the shape of a serpent devouring its own tail. When worn by any arcane spellcaster, the ring provides a +1 bonus to arcane caster level for the purpose of spell penetration checks, caster level checks, and all level-based variables of any arcane spell the wearer casts.)

Cloak of Arcane Might (same effect)

Cloak of the Bat

Cloak of Charisma +4

Genesis diamond (1x Resurrection (geen True Resurrection - voor de alle helderste helderheid)

Dragonbone quiver (10 arrows penetrate all DR, return at dawn)

Flying carpet 5x5

Ioun Stone (Iridiscent spindle)

Ring - Waterwalking

Ring - Wizardry I

Rod of Wonder

Three batclaws on a stick. Counts as three Rods (Metamagic Lesser Empower, Lesser Extend & Lesser Silent)

Amulet of Mighty Fists +2

Belt of Saving Fire - Belt of Giant Strength +4 (Can cast Fire Shield CL 12 then ceases to function for 24 hours)

Stone of Good Luck

Returning Javelin of Lightning (returns every 1d4+1 rounds)

Tome - Clear Thoughts +1

Tome - Leadership & Influence +1

Longsword (Flametongue), can become a dagger as a Move action

Amulet - Natural Armour +3 (gives wearer dark spiky fur)

Vest - Resistance +4

Greater Bracers of Archery(The bracers empower the wearer to use any bow (not including crossbows) as if she were proficient in its use. If she already has proficiency with any type of bow, she gains a +2 competence bonus on attack rolls and a +1 competence bonus on damage rolls whenever using that type of bow.)

Pendant of the Enduring Sacrifice - Amulet of Health +4, +2 to hit vs last creature to crit wearer, lasts until wearer is healed any hp

Armour of the Golden Legion - +1 Adamantine Full Plate, +2 to diplomacy, allies within 30ft gain +1 Will save, -5 Hide

A single, 10cm fang, wrapped in a piece of parchment

Crocodile Knight Leathers - +4 leather armour, 3/day haste on self for 1 round

Thunderclap anklets - boots of speed, 3/day can stomp, creatures within 15ft must save Reflex DC17 or fall prone

Bundle of Armour Charms and Weapon Tokens
(Tokens can be attached to weapons, charms to armour, 1 token/charm per item. Lesser must be attached to +1 items or better, greater to +3 or better):
- lesser fang charm of bloody rage (+3 to weapon damage and saves vs fear when below hp)
- lesser snakeskin charm of glancing blows (+5 to rolls to avoid being grappled)
- greater topaz token of the sun (sheds light as Daylight on command when wielded)
- lesser eagle-feather charm of honourable war (+5 to AC vs ranged attacks)
- lesser talon token of glorious bloodshed (heal 3hp when you damage living enemy with the weapon, max 30hp/day)
- lesser bone charm of Mictlan's embrace (+3 saves vs inflict spells, negative levels, and death effects)

Eye of Huitzil - caster level 13th sunbeam 3/day

Plumage Palanquin - ornate feathery platform acts as a Tenser's floating disk for anyone seated on it, feather fans operate to keep the rider cool, rider is clothed in rich robes of exotic feathers bedecked with gems and gold as long as he is seated on it.

Axe of Molten Copper - +1 flaming burst battleaxe, 1/day ranged touch attack for 4d6 fire damage, range 30ft

Sword of the Planes (This longsword has an enhancement bonus of +1 on the Material Plane, but on any Elemental Plane its enhancement bonus increases to +2. (The +2 enhancement bonus also applies on the Material Plane when the weapon is used against elementals.) It operates as a +3 longsword on the Astral Plane or the Ethereal Plane or when used against opponents native to either of those planes. On any other plane, or against any outsider, it functions as a +4 longsword.)

Rogue's Vest (When worn, this vest grants its wearer a +2 competence bonus on Hide and Move Silently checks and a +2 bonus on Reflex saves. In addition, if the wearer has the sneak attack ability as a class feature or a special ability, his sneak attack damage increases by 1d6 as long as he wears the vest.)

Vest of Legends (+5 perform & diplomacy, Bard counts as 5 levels higher for Inspire Courage etc)

Bohairic Tuning 3.710
Hope Eric 2.710
Sheler Opa 3.710
Templeton Johan 3.710
Tin-a-Tin Jacco 3.710
Plaats de muis boven het om detail informatie te zien.

Gepost door Jeff op 4 juni 2009 om 0:59 uur.
Reacties van bezoekers (126 reacties)

oh daar!


Gepost op 4 juni 2009 om 1:02.

Lijkt me geen makkelijke keuze. Ben ik iets vergeten?

Gepost op 4 juni 2009 om 1:02.

O ja, en ik heb nog wat extras toegevoegd.

Gepost op 4 juni 2009 om 1:03.



Gepost op 4 juni 2009 om 1:05.

Evil hé? :-)

Gepost op 4 juni 2009 om 1:07.

Het was verdorie veel te heet daarbinnen, ik heb hem niet genegeerd, evil DM. En ik moet zeggen, allemaal Crap items, hahaha

Gepost op 4 juni 2009 om 1:35.

Had je wat rare poep op je gezicht gesmeerd net als de rest :-)
Niet gek die Hope.

Ik denk dat ik de Tumble checks verander in (10+BAB van vijand en 20+BAB van vijand). Goed idee, toch?

Gepost op 4 juni 2009 om 1:39.

dus ze worden moeilijker, nee geen goed idee, evil-DM

Gepost op 4 juni 2009 om 1:55.

Mwa, het is een beetje gek dat een 1e level karakter een paard net zo goed kan ontwijken als een Demigod.


Gepost op 4 juni 2009 om 2:12.

Hmmm... deze spulletjes moet ik nog maar eens goed over nadenken...
Is er nog iemand die (naast Hope) alle spulletjes crap vindt? ;-)

Gepost op 4 juni 2009 om 7:26.
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